Welcome to our new boat party headquarters site!

We created this site to bring boat party people together from all over the USA. Boat Parties have been popular since the 1980’s and probably even before that. Now it’s time to get this thing organized.  Let’s Get This Party Started!
We have provided a map of the U.S. that will eventually show thousands of lake party locations along with GPS coordinates. If your party location isn’t on the map yet CONTACT US. Give us as much information as you can give so we can get you listed and get your page started!
Each lake party will have its own dedicated page on our site where party dates and other details can be listed. We encourage local businesses to offer discounts and free coupons. We also want to see photos and videos of your parties. Post pictures of your group and share your experiences with others. We also have a Calendar of Events for anyone in the country to list special occasions and happenings like Marina Boat Days, Boat Races, and Super Parties with music-food-dancing-drinks.  

Tie up boat party

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A "tie up boat party" is a social event where a group of boats of different types and sizes will meet at a secluded spot on a waterway and then tie their boats together side by side. Party goers intermingle by moving across the flotilla and interacting with other members of the group. Partiers will sometimes bring food, drinks, and music making the "tie up party" a festive event. Boat parties can be found on many bodies of water from the Great Lakes to small private lakes.
See www.tieuppartyheadquarters.com for locations, photos and a calendar of events.

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